The reputed camera brand Hasselbald builds the foundation for the strong market position of our camera department. Hasseblad merged into the digital age and paved the way to an exciting future for existing and new Hasselblad users.

ZEISS Otus / Milvus / Classic ZE and ZF.2 mount full frame SLR / DSLR lenses, ZM (M mount lenses) and Batis / Loxia / Touit CSC E and X mount lenses --- We are exclusive distributing the Zeiss lenses program for Canon, Nikon, Leica, Sony and Fujicamera mount cameras.

The CP.3 / CP.3 XD / CZ.2 / LWZ.3 cine lenses are designed to take HD video with Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLR cameras as well as M4/3 cameras with HD movie mode. Interchangable mounts design with 5 different mounts available for most popular cine camera use.

Zeiss Sport Optics (China market only) --- we also carry Zeiss Conquest / Terra / Victory series binoculas and DiaScope in our China market.

Polaroid --- 80 years after Edwin Land's first breakthrough invention, Polaroid is back to create chemistry.

Foba and Colorama provide full range high quality background paper and studio accesseries for professional and commercial users.

Broncolor --- Professional studio and outdoor lighting system and accessories from Switzerland.

Cactus --- a company that designs and engineers wireless studio lighting equipment.

Hahnemühle --- Germany made museum class fine art inkjet photo paper with various texture base to choose.

HPRC --- Italian made multi-purpose professional cases protect your valuable investment.

Avenger and Foba --- Professional studio and lighting support for photographer and moviemaker.

Linhof, Foba --- handy indoor and outdoor tripods and heads for any shooting environment.

Barber Shop --- entirely designed and made in Italy. High-quality multifunctional bags and accessories are made using only selected Italian leathers and fabrics and offers top quality technical features.

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